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We don’t design, nor do we code. We help clients get established with a basic, but comprehensive, web and social setup, so they can focus on growing their business...and fast!

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    No preliminary questionnaires required. Simply decide which service plan you need, then add it to your cart.

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    At checkout, select a date to begin work. We limit one booking per day to ensure fastest turnaround and best service.

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    We'll email you some questions and instructions on how to submit your info to sign up for various web accounts.

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    After the required info is received, we'll have all your web properties and services set up or initiated within 72 hours, guaranteed.


Web Kick $999


  • Configure hosting & domain DNS
  • Install and configure WordPress CMS
  • Install WordPress themes
  • Install SSL certificate
  • Install & configure plugins: SEO, contact, backup
  • Set up privacy/GDPR/cookies alert box
  • Install Favicon
  • Create "Coming Soon" page

Google Services

  • Marketing Platform: Analytics & Search Console
  • Set up Google Business Listing
  • G Suite: add domain, create users/aliases
  • reCaptcha for Contact Form
  • Secure Documentation: Credentials and useful resources
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For brand new businesses, non-profits or sole proprietors that:

  • have yet to establish an online presence
  • need to get set up fast
  • only require the initial set up of web services
  • do not need design, content creation, search engine optimization or other consulting services
  • have a logo ready for social media usage

To provide the smoothest, fastest, and most reliable service, we only focus on the offerings listed on our website. For complete, customizable digital marketing solutions, please visit our parent company, West Loop Media.

The services within each plan can not be altered, and no discount is provided. BizKick is intended for those who are basically starting their business from scratch and need to get set up lighting fast!

We only specialize in the following:

  • WordPress content management system
  • Google: G Suite, Marketing Platform (Analytics, Search Console), Business
  • Webhosts & Domain Registrars: We can work with any; however, we recommend choosing only the most reputable and widely used companies in order to ensure the most reliable service and best performance.

If we do not complete the agreed upon tasks as detailed in the pre-purchased plans within 72 hours, we will provide the client a full refund, provided that:

  • Client provides BizKick all necessary company and personal information to complete service signs ups, such as login credentials, business and contact information, and social media user names, and company/personal logo files

Yes, we offer both through WP Engine – one of the industry leading and most reputable WordPress hosting solutions. Contact us to inquire >

Yes, this is the preferred method as it will move the process along much quicker. To ensure full security, we request credit or debit card information over the phone and physically write it on paper. Upon completion of service, the payment information is shredded immediately.

Absolutely. Please note, however, there could be some minor delay in turnaround time should clients choose this method. As long as we receive all login credentials within 24 hours of plan purchase, we should be fine.